Healthcare Technology Specialists
We are healthcare technology specialists. Our approach includes both innovative software and specialized professional services. We provide the right mix of tools and expertise enabling you to:
Become HIPAA compliant
Increase efficiency and reduce costs
Secure your data
Overcome limitations of your existing legacy system
Maintain your competitive edge
ClaimExchange is a turnkey
solution for health claims
payers. Designed for real-
time and batch transactions,
ClaimExchange seamlessly connects health claims payers with unlimited electronic trading partners.


We average 3,000 claim receipts a day and have been able to reduce our staff in half since installing ClaimExchange six months ago. more...
The electronic receipt of claims runs virtually unattended and without incident. ClaimExchange has taken a very complicated task and simplified it for us. more...
Before we installed ClaimExchange we were constantly backlogged. Since the installation of ClaimExchange, we work yesterday's claims today. more...